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This course offers introductory knowledge and skills in freediving such as relaxation of body and mind, finning techniques, duck dives and equalisation. If you’re thinking of trying freediving but don’t want to go all-in yet, this is a good place to start.

Every great adventure started with a single step. In this case, it starts with a single dive.

Requirements to get certified:
2 Water Sessions:


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PHP 10,000

PHP 8,000

AIDA 2 course will give you a basic understanding of freediving. From duck dives, over finning techniques to equalisation-you will learn all basic skills, step-by-step. You’ll also be introduced to the theory behind the sport of freediving.

At the end of this course, you’ll be a holistic freediver, knowing both theoretical and practical knowledge in freediving.

Requirements to get certified:
5 Water Sessions:
Pool Sessions:
Open Water Sessions:


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PHP 14,500

PHP 11,600

You will now go one step further. You’ll learn how to bring your freediving to the next level, beyond the basics.

The AIDA 3 course is designed to further develop skills from previous training, to acquire new skills and gain a higher knowledge of safety procedures and techniques.

Passing this course will open up new possibilities in your freediving experience. Depths that may seem inaccessible before are now within reach.

Requirements to get certified:
6 Water Sessions:
New Techniques taught:
Advanced Training for:
Open Water Sessions:


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PHP 20,000

PHP 16,000

Go beyond the limits of recreational diving. This training is for the committed freediver; ready to go all-in.

In the AIDA4 Course you will learn the latest techniques and essential knowledge inorder to extend your capabilities to safely reach the limits of recreational freediving,which AIDA sets at a depth of 38 meters.

After successfully completing this course, you’ll be prepared to enter the world of competitive freediving. Where legends set depth records scientists thought were unfathomable for the human body to safely reach.

A successful AIDA4 student can also act as an assistant instructor on all AIDA freediving courses. This will help embed in you the concepts and techniques that you have learned over the course of your training. After all, the best way to learn is to teach.

Requirements to get certified:
9 Sessions:
New Techniques taught:
Master these Disciplines:
Assistant Instructor Training:
Masterclass Theory sessions:



discovery freediving 8
In AIDA 1-4, you learned all about freediving. From the basics all the way to the advanced. Now this is your final lesson from us. You will learn how to teach.

The AIDA Instructor course is for the freedivers willing to turn this sport into a career. Within 30 days you will be trained how to teach AIDA Freediving Courses effectively to aspiring students.

Theory sessions cover not only freediving science and human anatomy but also topics such as planning, marketing and the day-to-day running of your very own freediving school. We also teach legal requirements and risk management to make you not only a great instructor, but a decent entrepreneur as well.

Water sessions are used to complete performance requirements and skill demonstrations. As a part of the Instructor Course, candidates teach trial courses AIDA 2 and 3 under supervision of their Instructor Trainer.

One month prior to starting this course, applicants receive studying materials as well as a topic of their own research which they will present during the IC as one of the practical exams.

We reiterate. This course is the final and most demanding course the AIDA system offers non-competitive freedivers. But also the most gratifying. Your accumulation of freediving knowledge is only worth the effort if you share it with others.
Requirements to get certified:
80 minimum water sessions
Giorgio Mariotti (Certified AIDA Instructor Trainer) and Deborah Mariotti (Certified AIDA Instructor)

Meet The Team

Giorgio Mariotti

Aida Instructor Trainer

Debora Mariotti

Aida Instructor

Ian Jan

Aida 4 Master Freediver


Aida 4 Master Freediver

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