Fun dives
Starts at PHP 250 per person

Dive with us here in Napaling point, Panglao, where the famous sardine bait ball resides all year round! We’ll provide you 1 safety diver to ensure you focus on enjoying yourself without worry. If you want your underwater photos taken by us, we’re also offering a photoshoot to go along with your fundive as well!

Pool Training
Starts at PHP 300 per person

Work on your swimming basics and your static breath hold or your dynamic apnea. Your pool training will also be supervised by a coach to ensure you are training properly and safely.

Line Training
Starts at PHP 600 per person

Want to scratch that depth itch without committing to a full course? You’ll want to take a line training session from us instead. Work on the lagging aspects of your freediving game with us in a small half-day session with a safety diver provided.
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