AIDA’s Role in Freediving Education: A Glimpse through Blue Freedom Apnea

AIDA Freediving Course in Panglao Bohol Philippines

For those interested in learning freediving, many organizations offer training and certificates. Among them, the Association Internationale pour le Développement de l’Apnée (AIDA) stands tall as one of the most recognized and largest organizations in this domain. Established back on November 2, 1992, in Nice, France, by Roland Specker, Loïc Leferme, and Claude Chapuis, AIDA has since become a lighthouse for freediving enthusiasts worldwide. It’s not only one of the best known but also the largest organizer of international freediving competitions, with a significant focus on safety and education. Now, let’s delve into the essence, inception, and the rich offerings of AIDA that make it a beacon for the freediving community.

A Glimpse into AIDA’s Genesis

AIDA was born with the vision to set a global standard in freediving education and foster a community of freedivers. It became a trailblazer in setting rules for competitions, defining freediving disciplines, and training judges to ensure fair competition and recognition of freediving athletes’ achievements. With the initiation of its education program in 1999, AIDA took a significant step toward making freediving accessible and enjoyable for all, providing structured progression for learners of all levels.

Embark on Your Freediving Journey with AIDA Courses

AIDA offers a ladder of progression for freedivers, regardless of their experience level. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned diver, there’s an AIDA course tailored for you at Blue Freedom Apnea:


Introduction to Freediving: This entry-level course serves as a Freediving discovery program for complete beginners, aiming to develop basic skills, knowledge, and safety procedures necessary for enjoyable freediving. The course encompasses one theory session, one breath-hold session, and one dive session, making it a gentle introduction to the world of freediving.


Freediver: Often seen as the Freediving beginner course, AIDA2 delves deeper into the freediving disciplines. It covers advanced breath-hold and relaxation techniques for static apnea, buddying for static and dynamic apnea, and correct hydrodynamic finning among other crucial skills. This course is for those already comfortable in the water and aims to cover the fundamentals of breath-hold diving, teaching students how to become efficient divers, reliable buddies, and confident rescuers.


Advanced Freediver: Ready to take your freediving skills up a notch? The AIDA3 course at Blue Freedom Apnea is your gateway to advanced freediving techniques. From free-fall to Frenzel equalizing and training tables, this course broadens your freediving horizons and safety knowledge.


Master Freediver: As the pinnacle of AIDA freediving courses, the AIDA4 course is designed for those looking to delve into deep freediving. From mastering FRC diving, mouth-fill equalization to managing open water equipment, this course prepares you for the role of an “Assistant Instructor,” empowering you to lead and supervise other freediving enthusiasts.

Discover the Underwater World Through AIDA’s Lens

AIDA’s courses provide a structured pathway for learners to progress from Freediving discovery programs to mastering advanced freediving techniques. With a solid foundation from the AIDA freediving beginner course, divers at Blue Freedom Apnea can confidently explore the underwater world, breaking personal barriers while ensuring safety.

Moreover, AIDA’s commitment to fostering a global freediving community makes it a hub for networking and learning from seasoned freedivers and instructors. The organization’s meticulously designed courses, coupled with its global recognition, make AIDA a sought-after choice for anyone looking to embark on a thrilling freediving journey.


Starting an AIDA freediving certification journey is about much more than just learning to hold your breath underwater. It’s about becoming part of a worldwide community of individuals who share a love for freediving. Blue Freedom Apnea’s AIDA courses not only teach you the technical skills but also the true essence of freediving, making every dive a step closer to mastering the underwater world. To begin your own freediving journey with AIDA’s well-structured courses, join us at Blue Freedom Apnea. Our school offers AIDA freediving courses to match your level and diving goals. Discover the peace and endless adventures waiting below the water’s surface with us.

Eager to explore the underwater world? Reach out to Blue Freedom Apnea and kickstart your freediving adventure today.